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10 business ideas in Uganda for University students


Business ideas in Uganda should all be about initiative and innovation. Campus is the time for experimentation and self-evaluation. Facebook was founded in a campus dorm and so many other businesses. Bill Gates and Steven Jobs are college dropouts who decided to pursue their passion in business. It is campus that opened their inner entrepreneurial intuitiveness.

There are several business ideas that you can start while at university and this blog post is meant to point you in the direction. If Mark Zuckerberg founded a multimillion empire in his dorm room, who are you not to?

1. Stationary business

This is the most common business among university students. There will always be a ready market for this particular service. The stationary business ranges from printing, photocopying, typing and a lot more. All you need is a computer and a printer. Look for less competitive areas. There is less competition in the female hostels because ladies view the business as “complicated”. You may not make a lot of money but it will be enough for your upkeep while on campus.

2. Freelance writing

I will always advocate for freelance writing wherever the words “business ideas in Uganda” appear. Freelance writing is highly rewarding and it doesn’t require any start up capital so long as you have a computer and an internet connection. As I have always mentioned, my freelance writing expedition begun in earnest in my hostel room when I was in second year. I always wanted to make money online ever since I was in high school and freelance writing offered the perfect opportunity. If you would like to kick-start your freelance writing business, then read the following article;

Top five freelance writing websites

3. Domestic services

This is a viable business opportunity that many students often overlook. There is nothing like “dignity” when it comes to making money. People will laugh at you but at the end of the day, the money is in their pocket. You could offer laundry services for your friends or housemates. You don’t have to necessarily do it yourself. You can outsource the work as you deal with looking for customers. This business doesn’t also require massive capital.

4. Social media consultant

You social media pundits out there know what I am talking about. This kind of work is best suited for the ladies. If you are an active social media user and have over 3000 friends, social media consultancy may just be the job for you. Start locally by helping businesses integrate social media into their marketing campaigns.

5. Design

Design business has several facets to it. Photoshop can handle almost every design process and if you are proficient at it, you can start a successful design business. Start with the businesses located around your university. Make free design templates and showcase them to your potential clients. There is no way they will refuse to pay if your work is outstanding.

6. Buying a vending machine

The start-up capital may be high but is worth it. You don’t have to be physically present because the vending machine is automated. All you need is a good location and you are in business. I am quite sure there is no vending machine in your campus!

7. Selling e-books

This is a good way of making money doing what you love. Sites like amazon.com are meant for selling eBooks. You could write a sequel of a thriller or anything that interests you. It should be unique and catchy.

8. Sell photos

You can sell your photos online without a fuss. It might be the weirdest of the business ideas in Uganda I have mentioned but it actually works. You can sell your photos to websites like istockphotos, Dreamstime and Shutterstock

9. Errand services

This job is good for college students. People need stuff all the time especially at night. Your errand services can range from shopping to grocery collection. Advertise your business among your friends and course mates and also in your locality.

10. Academic writing

You can make money writing academic essays for the lazy first world lads. The compensation is good. Writing academic papers will not only make you money but also improve your academic performance. If you would like to start writing academic essays for $$, I suggest you go through the article below;

Making money through academic writing

These are some of the business ideas in Uganda that college students can start with little capital. Choose that idea that tickles your fancy. Alternatively, you can research on the unfulfilled needs in your campus environment. That is the surest way of running a profitable business.