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10 Must have Android apps


If you own a Smartphone, there are applications that should never miss on the phone. The past five years has witnessed an explosion in the sale of android advices as that of PCs stagnate. People are inclining towards Android devices. This is the reason as to why over 10,000 Smartphones are bought in Uganda on a monthly basis. As a new android owner, you may not know how to get the best out of your new Smartphone. There are applications which should be a necessity in your device in order to fully experience the power of any Android device.

1. Lookout Antivirus


Security should be your first priority after acquiring your new Smartphone. Lookout Antivirus is one of the pioneer antivirus apps in the android market. There are two versions of the app; that is the free and premium version. The free version should be able to take care of all your Android security needs. It offers schedule scanning for virus protection. There is also the locate function which comes in handy when your device has been stolen. You are able to activate an alarm and remotely track your stolen phone from Lookout website. You should look no further than Lookout Antivirus when it comes to Android security.

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2. Juice Defender


Any Android-powered device is known to consume a lot of power. It’s hard to find any such devices which can go a day without charging. You need to read your emails, engage in social media and listen to music at the same time. This is too much to ask for an Android device. That is why you need an application that utilizes the battery efficiently and Juice Defender fits the bill. With Juice Defender, you can be assured of extra hours on the battery life. When your phone goes on idle mode, the application “kills” running applications like WI-Fi and 3G Radio. Juice defender is also able to throttle back the CPU when the OS apps are not active. I encourage you to download the app if you want to get the most out of your battery life.

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3. Es File Explorer

I experienced difficulty in accessing files on my memory card when I switched to Sony Experia ray. This led me to the search for the ultimate file explorer making me land on Es. It caters for all your filing needs. You can view zip files, multi-select documents, manage apps and a lot more. I mainly use it for accessing documents on my SD card. The official version has Dropbox functionS which I am yet to try out. The amazing part about this app is that you can access your PC from your Android device via WI-Fi.

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4. Kingsoft


This is another great must have app. The functionalities are almost similar to that of Microsoft Office Suite. You can create word documents, power point presentations and even spreadsheets all from your phone. The intuitiveness of the application makes it easy and a lot more fun creating documents as compared to using a computer. It has an amazing user interface which makes it easy to switch from one document to another. The app is ideal for anyone who uses Microsoft office on a regular basis and would like to extend it to the Android device.

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5. Evernote

Have you ever been in a situation where you randomly stumble upon a great idea for your next creative piece? Since such ideas are unheralded, chances are high that you will forget them. With Evernote, you don’t have to worry about forgetting about your next “big idea. It is an extension of your brain as it saves your random ideas and improves on your productivity. You can draw sketches, take pictures and even voice recordings of your thoughts or ideas. If you yearn for a more organized and productive life, this app is for you.

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6. Whatsapp

whatsapp pc

The usage of the app has grown in bounds. Up to April 2013, Whatsapp recorded 200 million users. That’s more than Twitter subscribers. There are 8 million inbound messages, 12 outbound messages on a daily basis. Going by the statistics, Whatsapp popularity cannot be overlooked. It makes communication easier and cheaper as compared to mobile networks. If you have an Android device, I suggest you download the app. You will be surprised by just how many of your friends are already using it.

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7. Skype


It has been around for a while but not on Android-powered phones. Any person with a Smartphone should have the Skype app. I prefer using my phone to Skype because the video is very clear compared to my Toshiba laptop. The future of communication is data and not voice. Communication could be a lot easier and inexpensive if everyone was having a Smartphone with Skype capabilities.

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8. Seesmic (Facebook &Twitter)

The two are by far the most popular social media platforms. With Seesmic, you can manage all social networks in one place. The app allows you to update your social media accounts simultaneously. You can view what’s happening between the two accounts without having to switch.

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9. Chrome

Chrome like Android is a product of Google. Chrome is a fast web browser. You can sync your mobile browser with that of your PC. You can access your bookmarks from your phone, open multiple tabs and it saves on mobile data.

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10. Dropbox

This is a backup of sort. Dropbox allows you to save photos, contacts, videos and so much more. Once you install Dropbox on your computer, any file that is saved automatically goes to the Dropbox. You don’t have to worry about losing your precious data when your phone is stolen.

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There are a lot of must have apps that I may not have mentioned. The apps I have written about cover on security, productivity and social media. The slur is for you to find out which one suits your needs and taste.



  1. Hi Victor,

    Thanks for the great list.

    I have been trying to download android applications to my phone, particularly what’s up but I keep getting a ‘package file is invalid’ error. I have tried everything I could find online, including the solutions on this page http://gizmostorm.com/how-to-fix-package-file-is-invalid-error-on-google-play-store/ (apart from the Hideman app suggestion) but nothing works.
    Now my apps download and then the downloading screen disappears and I can’t find my apps anywhere on the phone.
    Do you have any suggestions about how to sort this out?