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10 reasons to start your own blog

starting a blog

Have you ever toyed with the idea of starting your own blog but can’t seem to find the reason to do so? In my pioneer freelancing years, my idea to what patterned to a blog was so vague. My first blog was a personal journal. There are two kinds of blogs. There are the free blogs and there is also the self-hosted blogs. Which brings us to our first reason to start a blog?

starting a blog
starting a blog

1. It’s free

Don’t we just love free things?! If financial implications were holding you back from starting a blog, this is the opportune time to do so. The majority of blogging platforms are free. Blogger and WordPress are the common blogging systems on the internet. The only demerit to the free blogging platforms is there are restrictions on what you can do with your blog. WordPress for example doesn’t allow advertising on the free blogs. In addition, you have to content with blog URLs like “ugandanfreelancer.blogspot.com”.

2. It’s challenging

start your own blog
start your own blog

Forget about what the pundits say. Starting a blog is not everyone’s cup of tea especially to those who are technologically challenged. Challenges improve our brain mettle. There will always be that sense of achievement after overcoming a particular impediment in your life. Starting a blog offers the thrill of circumnavigating through a new challenge. The beauty is in the end result. You will be able to look back and reflect on your achievements given the challenges you went through when starting your blog.

3. Exercising your hobby

A hobby is an extension of oneself. There must be at least something you are good at and like to indulge in your free time. It would be detrimental for a writer not to have his/ her own blog. If you love art, you can start a blog where you showcase your artistic side. A blog can be anything. It can range from a collection of dance strokes to your best canvas work.

4. You become knowledgeable

As a blogger, your primary obligation would be dispensation of information. This requires extensive research so as to build confidence with your audience. In the process of doing the research, you learn new things almost on a daily basis. I have learnt a lot with regard to running a blog.

5. Inspiring others

Blogs have inspired revolutions. The Arab spring is the perfect epitome on the revolutionary capabilities of blogs. Ugandanfreelancer was started so that Ugandans can be inspired to take the plunge and start making money online. You may have your own unique story that you want to share with the world in the hope that they will get inspired.

6. Meet new people

Blogging is a form of social media. If you manage to publish your blog on the internet, chances are someone is going to stumble upon it. The audience you build and the interactions you make will all have a bearing on the new acquaintance you make. Although my blog is fairly new, I have been in communication with new people who read my blog. I hope to make more friends as time goes on.

7. You become a better person

Many of you must be wondering how this is possible. Blogging is all about self-consciousness. There will always be the “I” voice in your blog. Going through your blog posts will make you reflect on your personality. The feeling of running a blog is humbling and it replicates to other spheres of your life.

8. Opening new opportunities

According to Forbes, future jobs may not require college degrees. Employers are nowadays looking for the X-factor. The question is what you can bring to the organization?  Having a successful blog will act as pivotal testimonial.  Start a blog and keep it updated, you never know when opportunities may arise.

9. Expressing yourself

Do you have that pent-up frustration that you have harbored for months or even years? It could be dissatisfaction with societal dynamics. By sharing your thoughts, you develop your own authoritative voice. You may not get the opportunity to influence change, but your thoughts will definitely be heard.

10. Making money

Talk about saving the best for the last. There are people who start a blog with the sole objective of making money. There are several ways you can make money from a blog. Among them include affiliate commissions, selling advertising space, paid reviews and even selling your own product.

There are several other reasons why you should start your own blog which I haven’t mentioned. The key is to find your motivation. It is the motivation that will give you the drive to start and manage your blog.