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10 reasons why you need a Smartphone


There is no doubt that Smartphones are becoming popular by the day. What was a luxury a few years ago is today becoming a necessity. Even with the increasing popularity, there are those people who are still skeptical about switching to Smartphones.

 Almost 80% of Africa accesses the internet through mobile phones thereby creating an even bigger market for Smartphones. There is more to what a phone can do than voice calls and texts.

Here are 10 succinct reasons why you need a Smartphone.

1. Productivity

Gone are the days when you had to carry your diary everywhere to jot down notes. Smartphones are the age of productivity.  You can sketch notes in your weekly departmental meeting, organize your calendar, set to-do list and so much more with your Smartphone.

The whole experience is intuitive as compared to writing down on paper. The Smartphone can also remind you of tasks that you’re suppose to accomplish within a particular time frame. This is essential for any business person who detests clutter. There is one app Evernote which sums up the concept of productivity in Smartphones.

2. Internet access

This is another valid reason as to why you need a Smartphone. A majority of Ugandans use their mobile phones to access the internet. Smartphones make the browsing experience visceral and user friendly. There is a joke that says that any kid with a Smartphone today has access to a lot more information than Bill Clinton did in his first term of presidency (1996).

You can open multiple web pages without having to experience the slug that comes with regular devices. There are also a variety of options when it comes to access. Almost all Smartphones come with 3G connectivity as a minimum requirement. There is also the option of connecting to the internet via WI-Fi. This means you can access the internet on your computer, your Smartphone acting as a router.

3. Display

Smartphones have a far much better display than their predecessors. With a Smartphone, you can get wider viewing angles and high quality display. Smaller Smartphones have a 3 inch display which is considered fair compared to some Symbian devices with internet access.

4. Apps

Smartphones would be functionless without apps. Google store has over 1 million apps and counting. This signifies the essence of apps in Smartphones. There are quit a variety to choose from ranging from productivity, social media, entertainment and games. Majority of the apps on Google play are free.  You can also create your own app for free by reading on the article;

Create your own app for free

5. Communication

Smartphones have revolutionized the communication process. If everyone could have a Smartphone, there would be no need of paying for voice. That is the future of communication and it won’t take long before it materializes. There are apps like Whatsapp, Skype, viber which has simplified communication. You can send text, voice messages, images, videos and even video calls from your Smartphone. This is one hell of a reason why you need a Smartphone.

6. Camera

Photos tell a lot about our lives and personalities. Anyone with a high end Smartphone can take quality photos that would put an experienced photographer to shame. Any Smartphone with a good 5MP can do a good job with photos. Millions of photographs are taken daily and a good number are taken by Smartphones. Smartphones have superior cameras and there are apps like Instagram which can be used for photo editing.

7. Entertainment

There is a reason as to why people spend more time on the internet than watching TV. The average Smartphone owner checks his/her device after every 6 minutes. Whether this good or bad is debatable but one fact distinctly presents itself. It is the entertainment value of a Smartphone that keeps the owner hooked. What’s more you can stream videos from YouTube, watch a movie and play 3D games from your device.

8. Maps and GPS

You will never get lost again if you have a Smartphone. Majority of the Smartphones come pre-installed with the map application. If you like adventure and always visiting new places, you Smartphone can be your guide. The map shows you direction and the nearest route to your destination. There is also an application called Four Square which gives the locations of the joints in your locality. It can also pinpoint your exact location using GPS.

9. Multitasking

This is one great advantage that Smartphones has over other phones. With a Smartphone, you can switch from your Facebook window to answer a message on Whatsapp. With other phones, you have to end one application in order to use another.

10. Price

The price of Smartphones has drastically come down over the years and there is no reason as to why you should not get yourself one. If you are in Uganda, a new Smartphone can go for as low Ugx200, 000. Better still, you can buy used or new Smartphones on Amazon and receive it in Uganda. Just click on the link Buy from USA and receive in Uganda. They offer discounted prices on Smartphones.