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10 service-based business ideas in Uganda to start


If you are brainstorming about business ideas in Uganda, you may want to consider service-based business ideas. They require little or no capital and are highly scalable. Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy and a lot of people are employed either directly or indirectly in the Agricultural sector.

According to the office of the United States trade representative, service industries account for 68% of the country’s GDP. Four out five American citizens are employed in the service sector. There is a lot Uganda can learn from these statistics. There are more creative and sustainable ways of elevating the economic condition of the country without necessarily depending on Agriculture.

1. Freelance writing

I always advocate for freelance writing as it doesn’t need start-up capital so long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Ugandans are yet to tap into this amazing income potential. You don’t have to work full time.  If you would like to create your freelance writing business, read the following;

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2. Office and Home organizer

Organization is something that lacks in so many people. This disorganization is manifested in the office and home environment. If you are the kind of person who likes to have everything in place, this business for you. Your home or office environment should be your first portfolio.

3. T-shirt design

This is particularly suited for the artists. You can come with the next creative piece by making the T-shirt your canvas. It is unique among the many business ideas in Uganda. If you are good at it then you will definitely make money.

4. Adventure tours

I am not talking about starting your own tour company. On the contrary, you don’t even need to have your own vehicle to start an adventure tour business. If you don’t believe me, you should take a look at this Kenya adventure tours. Once again I am referring to Kenya. Ugandans are sleeping on their laurels.

5. Mobile passage

There are so many massage parlors in Kampala but none of them have thought about going mobile. This is a great business opportunity, especially if you are a good masseuse. Little start up is needed and is particularly suited for the ladies. Your male friends will “support “you if you are to start such a business. With such a service, you will be surprised how fast it spreads.

6. Consultancy

This is just but extending your line of profession.  If you are an IT expert, you could offer consultancy services to firms. This is much cheaper if they were to hire reputable companies to do the same. Your friends and family should be your first clients. That is the most effective way of building a business network.

7. Pet sitting

There has been an upsurge in the number of middle class.  It is considered ‘classy’ to own a pet like a dog or a cat. You can start your own pet sitting business targeting this particular people. The business should offer services like pet grooming and dog walking. Of all the business ideas in Uganda, I am sure this one never occurred to you.

8. Daycare

If you are passionate about children then starting a day care is the ideal business. It may take up most of your time but is worth it in the end. Start small to assess the potential and profitability. Use that empty garage as a start and tell your neighbours about your service.

9. Become a personal concierge

This phenomenon is of a recent development. I doubt if there is anyone in Uganda with such a title. There are people who are very busy and don’t have the time to do all their work. It is more of an advanced personal assistant. You should target companies that are suited to your skill and could do the work on a freelance basis.

10. Debt reduction services

There are a lot of people who are in debt due to poor financial decisions. You can start a business of advising on cost-effective ways of paying their debts and mortgages. There are not so many businesses of such kind in Uganda.

There are several other service-based business ideas in Uganda which you can start with little or no capital. Business is all about identifying and bridging the gap with a product or a service. I hope you find this article useful to your business endeavors in Uganda.