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20 smart business ideas in Uganda for women


There are several business ideas in Uganda which are particularly suited for women. I am a strong proponent in the empowerment of the fairer sex. Women play a key role in the development of any economy. Take China for instance which is a developing country yet its G.D.P can only be rivaled by that of the United States.

There are a lot of self-made women entrepreneurs who are cropping up in the Middle East. This should serve as a success impetus to potential African women entrepreneurs especially Ugandan women.

Passion is a key ingredient for the success of any business. Passion is what will keep your adrenaline rolling when you are on the verge of giving up. To be however successful with the business ideas in Uganda you have in mind, all you need is interest.

 There is a clear distinction between passion and interest and most potential women entrepreneurs cannot easily differentiate the two. You don’t need to be passionate about a particular business idea in order to succeed. That said, the following smart business ideas in Uganda can be started with little or no capital and are highly profitable so long as one is interested.

1. Catering

There will always be a party every weekend and food must be served. Catering is a multimillion industry that consist of all types of players. If you are a good cook with exceptional organization skills, catering is the way to go. You can start by letting relatives and friends know about your service. Focus on providing quality and word will soon spread around. It won’t be long before you start getting calls from your friends referring your services to their friends.

2. Handcraft

Ugandans and Africa at large are known for handcraft. Of the several business ideas in Uganda that you could start, a handcraft one requires little capital. Women are very good with their hands and are also quick to learn. To be successful in handcraft business, you should offer something unique, which is not common in the handicraft market. This is also another business that thrives on the word of mouth. You should also utilize social media for marketing your product. Here is an example of a woman has made fortunes out of the handicraft business.

Catering expert turns Ksh200 into profitable bead business

3. Daycare

If you love children then this might just be the ideal business for you. Turn your home garage into a mini day-care facility. Your neighbors should be your first customers. This business also doesn’t require a lot of capital to start.

4. Freelance writing

You don’t need impeccable writing skills in order to eke a living from Freelance writing. I am a part time freelance writer and the pay is quite good. Freelance writing could be a side hassle.

I would discourage you to leave your day job to embark on a freelance writing business. You can freelance at night and make around $10 a day working for just a few hours. To know where to start, you can read the article below;

Top five best freelance writing websites

5. Blogging

Blogging should be on your list of business ideas in Uganda. There is a lot you can tell the world about Uganda and blogging offers the perfect platform for doing so. You can sell your knowledge and expertise through your blog. This again should be a side hassle. To know more about making money from blogging, read the article below.

How you can make money in Uganda through blogging

6. Fiverr

It is almost a month since I wrote about Fiverr and I am glad to say that I have at least made some $15 just answering questions on philosophy. If you have any solid service you can offer then you can make a fortune out of Fiverr. For more on Fiver, you can read the article below.

How to start a business on Fiverr in Uganda

7. Consultancy

Are you a financial consultant or a Health professional? You can charge consultancy services as you enjoy your work. This would be easy if you had your own blog or Facebook page.

8. Aerobics and Yoga training

Health is a serious issue facing Ugandans. If you are a fitness freak then you can start Aerobics training. It could be in your compound. Your workout regimen should be attractive and you should also be a testimony of it.

9. Pet sitting/dog training

This is an interesting business idea. I like taking walks in the evening around Muyenga and I always see old expatriates struggling to walk their dogs. There are several pet owners who are not always around to take care of them. This is a good business opportunity because there are not so many competitors.

10. All -inclusive beauty parlour

A beauty parlour is more than a salon. It entails everything that patterns beauty. There are only a few in Kampala and their prices are exorbitant. This is one business that you can never go wrong if you know your market well.

11. Boutique

It is the most common with the business ideas in Uganda that I have presented to you. I have keenly observed that most shops in Kabalagala and Kampala are boutique and are run by women. If you are starting a boutique, price and quality should an essential consideration.

12. Health food restaurant

There are people because of ailments can only consume a certain type of food. There are restaurants in the United States that provide diabetes-friendly foods (including fast foods). Such restaurants are few if not there in Uganda.

13. Maternity wear rentals

I doubt if you have ever across it when looking for business ideas in Uganda. Women need specific clothes when they are in labour and quickly discard them after that. This is a viable business opportunity by providing maternity wear rentals.

14. Event organizer

Ugandans love to party and is a growing population at the same time. Ladies are more likely to make good event organizers than men because they have an eye for detail. It is unfortunate that there are more men than women in the business.

15. Erand services

Ladies like to shop and you can get paid for doing it. There are people willing to pay for someone to shop for them. You can start a website or a Facebook page to create awareness of the service. It will be a breeze if you’re competing with men.

16. Virtual assistance

Women make good virtual assistance’s. All you need is a computer and internet and you can establish yourself as one. The best part is you are paid on an hourly basis. You can register with Elance for virtual job openings.

17. Starting an electronic shop

I have a male friend who owns an electronic shop. He tells me the business is lucrative and there will always be space for any start-up. Ladies, what are you waiting for?

18. Fruit pudding

This business idea can do well given time. You should target the working class. I love fruits and would be willing to eat it every lunch time. The problem is there are not well established businesses that can provide such a service.

19. Homemade chocolates

If you are good in baking, then making chocolates should not be a problem. People love chocolate but have to burn their pockets in order to enjoy them. You could make your own chocolates and distribute it to shops.

20. Interchangeable footwear accessories

Talk about saving the best for the last.  This is like having a pair of shoe in different designs. Your friends could think you are having hundreds of pairs yet it is the same shoe. You can customize the shoe for any kind of occasion. This business idea has also interested me and I am researching further. Will keep you posted on the progress. There you go 20 smart business ideas for women in Uganda. Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Hi, I have been actually thinking about selling maternity wear, only problem is that I have not been able to get suppliers? Any ideas on where I can get maternity stuff on wholesale in UG?

    Homemade chocolates, now that is an idea I have never thought about, will be sure to try that out. I love experimenting on new recipes

    • I doubt if there someone in Uganda dealing with wholesale of maternity wear. You can decide to import specifically that.Just send me a mail to connect you with suppliers from outside Uganda.