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5 Essentials For Starting A Blog in Uganda


Blogging as a whole is yet to take root in Uganda. The number of bloggers is far and few between. This may be attributed to several reasons. Internet penetration in Uganda is still at an all time low. This should however not discourage you from starting your own blog. There are common misconceptions which might also discourage one from blogging.

Blogging is Expensive

Contrary to common beliefs, starting a blog is not that expensive. There are two type of bogs; free blogs and self-hosted bogs.

Blogging is Time Consuming

I have a full time job but I still manage to blog regularly. One blog post a day is an achievable goal. You can write before you go to sleep.

Blogging is Technical

You can create beautiful blogs without necessarily knowing web design. I have created websites which didn’t need coding whatsoever.

Having deciphered the myths, here are the essentials that you need in order to start a blog in Uganda.

  1. Goal

Why are you starting the blog? What purpose do you intend to achieve? Having a goal is important if your blog is to succeed. There are times when you don’t feel like writing. It is the passion that sees you through during such times. The goal should form the foundation for starting your blog.

  1. Domain Name

Having established your goal for blogging, the next step is to identify your domain name. A domain name is the URL of your website. (Example is ugandanfreelancer.com.)A domain name costs $11(Ugx30, 000) a year. The difference between free and self-hosted blogs comes in the domain name. Wordpess and BlogSpot are examples of platforms that offer free blog set up. The only undoing is you will have to be content with a domain name like yourname.wordpress.com.

  1. Hosting Provider

A hosting provider is simply a place where your blog or website is stored. That is why your website is available 24/7. There are several web hosting providers available. I use Hostgator because it has a simple control panel and it is easy to use. Web hosting costs around $10 monthly for unlimited domains on Hostgator.


  1. Blogging Platform

There are several blog platforms the most common ones being WordPress and Joomla. My blog runs on WordPress and it only took me a couple of hours to set it up. WordPress is fairly easy to use. Another reason why I use Hostgator is the availability of automatic blog set up both for WordPress and Joomla.

  1. Theme/Template

The theme or template determines how your blog is going to look like. There are free wordpress themes with outstanding designs. If you want something better, you can always go premium. The prices range from $9 to $100 depending on the aesthetics and the functionality of the Theme.

Final Thought

Blogging can be challenging especially when you’re just starting. That is why you need to identify a blogging niche that interests you. It is easy to give up if there is no motivation. Blogging is fun and can be rewarding at the same time. More Ugandans need to pick up the blogging culture.


If you need help setting up your blog, I would be more than happy to assist you J Just contact me.