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Why You Can Nolonger Use Your Payooner Card To Withdraw Money From PayPal In Uganda


I have received tons of emails of people inquiring how they can withdraw money from Paypal in Uganda especially through the use of the Payooner card.

I have been an advocate of the use of the Payooner card. Unfortunately, you can longer be able to withdraw from PayPal using the Payooner card. According to PayPal, Payooner Virtual bank does not meet its terms and conditions. A friend of mine tried to link the Payooner card with his Paypal account and contacted customer care. Here is the response he received:

Dear Daniel,

I am Mary from PayPal Customer Support.

I understand that you need to add a your bank on the account. Let me explain this to you.

I checked your account and I saw that the system recognizes that the bank account you are adding is issued by Payoneer. Please try adding a US bank that is not issued by Payoneer so that you can withdraw money.

We had an update on June 10, 2014 that as a security measure, we will no longer accept Payoneer Bank accounts to be added to any PayPal account, regardless of the country the customer resides in. Payoneer is a money service business in which customers of Payoneer can send, receive or withdraw funds using a prepaid debit card.

We value you as part of the PayPal family. Our aim is to satisfy all your needs and give you the best customer experience. If you have questions in the future, please let us know.

Thank you so much for choosing PayPal.


The solution

It increasingly becoming challenging for Ugandans working online because of the problem with payment solutions. There is very little one can do. That shouldn’t stop you from working online. I will help you with the withdrawals so long as the amount is over $40. Get in touch in case you need help. I will keep you updated if there is cheaper and convenient way of withdrawing money from PayPal in Uganda.