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Why you can’t receive money on PayPal in Uganda and what you can do


I have been getting tons of emails regarding receiving money on PayPal in Uganda. My sincere apology as this post is long overdue. I was always on the assumption that the only PayPal restrictions were on bank withdrawals not until the emails started flying in. As it currently stands, you can’t receive money with a Ugandan PayPal account. Where does that leave those who hoped to make money online in Uganda? The solution is quite simple. There is a friend called Ambrose who I would say was a Prototype for the problem.

Why you can’t receive money on PayPal in Uganda

1. Not so many online transactions

Let’s face it. A need can only be met if there is a gap to be filled. There are not so many Ugandans engaged in online incoming generating activities which would necessitate PayPal to take notice. The situation is completely different with our neighbours Kenya. It has a robust youthful population that is both initiative and innovative. This can explain the reason as to why there are very many Kenyans eking a full living online.

2. Legislative issues

This has been a big issue with PayPal with regards to third world countries.  The biggest hurdle with PayPal as an online Payment system is withdrawals. You can send and receive money but not withdraw through a conventional way. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t withdraw at all. One prerequisite to making PayPal withdrawals a reality is the existence of the anti-money laundering bill which yet to be realized in developing countries.

What you can do

The first step in receiving money on PayPal in Uganda is to open a Kenyan PayPal account. I know it sounds a little bit crazy but it actually works. There is little you can do with a Ugandan PayPal account. Make sure that every detail is accurate with the exception of your country of origin. Upon opening a Kenyan PayPal account, the next step would be to link your Payoneer MasterCard. If you haven’t heard of the Payoneer card, you can read more about it here.  In case you experience problems with linking your Payoneer card, you can call PayPal directly through Phone Number 888-221-1161 and the problem should be sorted, says my pal Ambrose.

Some people might have despaired with online endeavors given the limitations of PayPal in Uganda. The good news is that you don’t have to wallow in self pity because there is a solution. Just used the aforementioned method and you should have a fully functional PayPal account in no time. Receiving money on PayPal in Uganda should be a thing of the past if more Ugandans start engaging in income generating activities online.











  1. Amazing insight Omega, I have always kept a keen eye on PayPal, UG and Kenya.
    Recently PayPal partnered with Equity bank Kenya and are providing withdrawals too.
    It is currently only with that particular bank and not Equity Uganda. I would love to know if the bank charges are much less or more than using a Payoneer card.
    But slowly we’ll get there, legislative rules in Kei and Ug aint that different, i think.

  2. Omega,
    Thanks for this great post. It totally bailed me out.

    I did some freelance work, and I couldn’t get paid thru my Ugandan based PayPal account.

    I followed your advice and opened a Kenyan one, and BOOM!
    Instant payment!

    Thanks You So Much.

  3. You are so right. PayPal has so many restrictions when it comes to so many African countries and that is why many end up getting accounts using different countries other than their exact origins as you shared above. I have a friend who is in Uganda and she uses a Kenyan PayPal account and imagine linked to a US bank account. She enjoys her money she earns from freelancing and that is why I totally agree with you that an account from another country can serve better. Thanks once again!

  4. When you say kenyan Paypal account, do you mean opening a paypal account with kenyan details or going to kenya, opening an account with Equity bank and using it to connect to your paypal account