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Five profitable business ideas in Uganda for 2013


Those who know of profitable business ideas in Uganda will never spill the beans of the intricacies of such ideas because they are afraid someone will “steal” them. Finding a profitable business idea is what will set you apart from your competitors. Business is all about identifying a need in the market and filling that need with the right product or service. Customers’ satisfaction should be your key priority. Having said that, the big is question is what are the profitable business ideas in Uganda you can start today?

1. Mobile salon

mobile salon

This is a relatively new business concept in Uganda. I even doubt if it has taken root in the first place. For the ladies, how would it feel if all your hair necessities were taken care of from the comfort of your house? The mobile salon concept is all about taking the service to the customers door step. The ladies would dig this kind of business. You will need all the salon equipments in order for the business to run smoothly. You could be making house calls on a rotation basis. This is a highly scalable and profitable business due to the fact that there is no serious competition. You can buy a minivan as the clientele base expands in order to facilitate mobility.

2. Agribusiness


This is an evergreen business niche which will always be profitable. Ugandans have to eat on a daily basis and food production is becoming a challenge to the ever increasing population. Bird rearing is just one example of the profitable business ideas in Uganda in the agricultural sector. Utilize that piece of land that is lying idle in the countryside. You don’t have to be physically present to oversee the running of your business. The local chicken breeds require little maintenance and there is always a ready market for them.

Mushroom farming is another profitable business venture so long as you understand the market. I am no expert on the subject but all I know is mushrooms are in demand. There are so many others profitable agribusiness. The onus is on you to find out which one suit you best.

3. Smartphone repair

A Smartphone is almost becoming a necessity in today’s world. They are quite costly and any Smartphone owner knows the agony they go through when they are damaged. There are not so many good electronic technicians who know how to repair a Smartphone. This is a good business opportunity for those gifted technicians. If your work is good, that person will always refer you when it comes to Smartphone repairs.

4. Event management

It may be hard to penetrate the market but events management is one of the most profitable business ideas in Uganda. There so many weddings and parties taking place every weekend and you are assured of getting business. What you need is a good marketing strategy in place. You can buy your own equipments or hire them. This type of business could be a side hassle because the services are mainly rendered during the weekend.

5. Translation

It is a profitable business opportunity that Ugandans are yet to tap into. Translators are highly sought after. Not so many people in the world can speak a language that is not from their native country. There are a lot of free resources on the internet which you can use to learn a new language. For those who know foreign languages, I suggest you take a look at Elance for part-time translation jobs.

Bonus idea

It would be unfair to write about profitable business ideas without mentioning freelance writing. I am a freelance writer myself and there is no further evidence you need to know that it is profitable. If writing is your passion, I suggest you try your hands on freelance writing. Don’t know where to start?

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A lot of people have great business ideas but are afraid to try them out. The idea would only be great as it is in your mind. Don’t be afraid to fail because it is the only way to know the true measure of success. Your first business might have flopped but that does not necessarily mean that you will fail on your second or third attempt. All the profitable business ideas in Uganda cannot be ascertained without being tested.