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How to become an instant millionaire in Uganda


I am not talking about pyramid schemes but rather a legitimate way of becoming a millionaire in Uganda. Uganda is a liberalized economy which is yet to realize its full potential. Majority of the country is still living in abject poverty 51 years after independence. As a country, we still have a long way to go and there are still immense opportunities which we could harness to our own betterment. In China, there are about 1.5 million dollar millionaires. That’s about 5% of Uganda’s population. The rich there are getting younger and are more likely to be women. Which begs the question, how can you become an instant millionaire in Uganda?

Start an automatic car washing business


This is probably not what you were expecting. The first machine of its kind was made in the 1930s. Up to this time, there is still none in Uganda. The question you could be asking yourself is how does an automatic car washing business got to do with becoming an instant millionaire in Uganda? Read along and you might just find out.

How it works

An automatic car wash system is a computerized technology that aids in the washing of the car. The whole process is automated. There are two types of automatic car wash; conveyor tunnels and in-bay automatics.

 In-bay automatics

Are more advanced and could be beyond reach of a modest Ugandan entrepreneur. This is because there are several different payment options for it and the machine is fully automated and can work 24/7 without any human supervision. Of course there has to be two or three people to take care of the interior services.

Conveyor tunnels

The machine is still automated but there are not as many packages as in the in-bay automatics. The washing is straightforward as the vehicle passes through the tunnel. The cleaning is touch-free and the car is spotlessly clean as it emerges from the tunnel.

What the automatic car washing machine can do

The question should be how many vehicles can be washed in an hour’s time using this technology? The number of vehicles will depend on the length of the tunnel but a decent machine can handle about 30 vehicles in an hour. How many people would you require to clean thirty vehicles in one hour? The machine is not only economical but also a time saver. There is no room for error as the machine cleans every part of the automobile.

Insights into the automatic car washing business

Let’s say you put a fixed price of Ugx15000 per vehicle wash and you have 6 hours of productive work. This will imply making Ugx450000 per hour, Ugx2.7million a day and Ugx81million in a month. That’s the average approximation.


With aggressive marketing, you can be entrusted with washing government and organizations’ vehicles. It will not be on a one time basis because vehicles have to get dirty. There are over 10500 automatic conveyor washers in the United States and they are all in business. If you are starting such a business in Uganda, it will be years before you get any competition.

More insights

  •   Over 14000 cars pass through in-bay facilities in the US (None so far in Uganda)
  •  84% of customers can travel up to 16kms use the automatic car wash facility
  • Busiest days of the week are Fridays and Saturdays (45%) of the cars washed


The biggest challenge has to be the sourcing of the automatic car washing machine. There are different brands tailored for specific functions. It is also hard to get a reputable company that supplies quality machines. I have been researching for a while and can’t seem to narrow down on any company that has that tailor-made solution for the Ugandan market.

What are you waiting for?

Any serious investor in Uganda should carefully think through this business opportunity. Instead of focusing on a product that is already in the market, try something unique and lucrative. The start-up costs may be high but will never be compared to the money you will make. There are so many other business ideas that can make one an instant millionaire in Uganda. There are a lot of impressive technologies that be transferred to the Ugandan business environment effectively. Instead of competing in the rat race, compete with yourself on the fast track.



  1. i really like your ideas. Am going to open a payoneer acc so i can withdraw my payapal money Coz i do some PTC online work though uve availed some i had no idea about. I hope to be in contact with you.

  2. i have really liked the idea of a car washing machine but i dont have much capital to invest in it. however i intend to open one in Gulu.

  3. hey Omega, this is good, I need to know what would be the average cost of a fairly descent automatic car wash system?