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How to install Whatsapp on your PC and start chatting


Did you know that you can install Whatsapp on your PC? A lot of people think that Whatsapp is only meant for Android phones. There are those people who would like to use the app but don’t have phones with Whatsapp capacities. Whatsapp handles over 10 billion messages on a daily basis. Its popularity cannot be overlooked. Humans prefer intuitive and effective ways of communication and Whatsapp offers just that. You can chat, share pictures, videos and even voice messages. The future of communication is hugely pegged on data and not voice. With Whatsapp, you can send as many texts as you wish.

How to install Whatsapp on your PC

  • ·         The first step is to make your PC mobile app friendly. This you can do by downloading Bluestack app.


  • ·         After the download, you will be prompted to a search bar on the far right. You can search for any application but in this case we will be looking for Whatsapp chat messenger.

·         Whatsapp messenger will appear in the search results. Click on it and download.

  • The next step will be to configure your Whatsapp profile.


  • ·         Open the application and select your country of origin.


  • ·         Enter the mobile number which you used to register on your mobile device. The same applies if you are a first time user.


  • ·         A three digit code will be sent to your mobile phone for verification.

Once you are done, you can start using Whatsapp on your PC. You don’t have to worry about having an android phone in order to chat on Whatsapp. So long as you have your PC and internet connection, you can catch up with your friends and family on Whatsapp. There you go a quick guide on how to install Whatsapp on your PC