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How to make money in Uganda online with Facebook

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Have you ever asked yourself how you can make money in Uganda online with Facebook? A lot of you may be wondering how this is even possible. Facebook had 1.1 billion users as of May 2, 2013 and the number keeps growing. Uganda has over 500,000 Facebook users with a 1.7 % penetration rate.

This means there is still room for improvement as Uganda is a growing country. The average user spends 2-4 hours on Facebook on a daily basis. By now you are probably wondering how it is even possible to make money in Uganda online with Facebook. Well here is how.

Selling products

It is the easiest way of making money in Uganda via Facebook.  Facebook is popular and it is the most visited website on earth. Even if you were to have an e-commerce website, having a Facebook fan page is indispensable for the success of your business. Ugandans, going by their nature are not likely to access any website apart from Facebook.  I will always give Kenya as an example because they are the trend setters in the region. What’s more appealing is that you don’t need your on page in order to make money in Uganda online with Facebook. Taking a look at soko nyeusi, a Kenyan selling group will confirm my assertion. There are people who are making a fortune out of the group.

The disconnect with Ugandans

As much as we would like to play, it is also important that we work. There are a lot of pages which are of no value to Ugandans.  Facebook should not only be used for social advancement but for economical purposes as well. I joined a group called Owino market with the pre-emptive of trade. I must admit it was contrary to my expectations. If only we could borrow a leaf from Kenyans.


How to really make money in Uganda online with Facebook

If you are to make serious money on Facebook, you need a unique marketing strategy and competitive pricing. You don’t necessarily need to have a fan page with over 1000 followers in order to sale albeit it wouldn’t hurt if it was so. You may have 1000 followers but that is where the buck stops. You need to create value with that number. To make money in Uganda on Facebook, you need to;

1. Assess your product and the target audience

2. Advertise in the major trading platforms on Facebook. (They are quite a number) Offer promotions and link backs to your official page or website. This will guarantee new customers

3. Study your competition and use it to your advantage.

4. Establish real followers who will add value to your page. You can pay for sponsored advertising which is $10 a day with estimation of 200 likes.

If you are not making any money on Facebook, then the above pointers can come in handy. Making money in Uganda online with Facebook is just but a stone throw away if a marketing strategy in mind. Make not only friends but also money on Facebook.