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How to remove “windows 7 not genuine “on your computer


A while back, I received a call from one of my dad’s friends. He wanted to me to check on his computer. His main concern was the error message “windows 7 not genuine” strategically placed at the bottom right side of the screen.

My initial impression was to format the computer and replace it with a new a new OS but decided against it. The majority of the Ugandan population has pirate copies of Windows installed on their computers.  I am not an IT guru but I can handle most of the software-related problems in any computer. Just how does one go about removing the “windows 7 not genuine” error?

Manual fixing

  • I call it manual because you’ll have to go to the command prompts
  • Click on the start Menu. Input “cmd”
  • Right click on the command prompt and run as administrator.
  • You will a window like the one below. Type in  the following letters; SLMRG –REARM


  •   Click on enter and the command will be completed successfully. Restart your computer after that.

This is a quick fix method that anyone can do. The downside to this technique is that the “windows 7 not genuine “error will appear after a month. You can only apply the method three times consecutively.

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Use of software

There are two major software that can be used for this particular purpose. The first one is Windows loader which I will not talk about in this particular post. It is a little bit technical and we’ll leave it for another article.

The other option is remove WAT software. The first thing you’ll need to do is to download the software.

You can download it here; Remove WAT software

The next step would be to unzip and run the software. You will be prompted to a window like the one below.


Click on the Remove WAT button and you’re done!

Restart your computer and you will never receive the “windows 7 not genuine” error on your computer again.

Hope you find this article useful if you have been experiencing the same problem. Don’t forget to share so that others can also benefit from the post.