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How to withdraw money from PayPal in Uganda


How to withdraw money from PayPal in Uganda

Finally there is a way you can withdraw money from PayPal in Uganda. PayPal is a widely used system for online payment. Many Ugandans are bashful of online money making opportunities because of the rigidities in payment.  I remember there was a time I couldn’t work with clients who paid through PayPal. Later I discovered E-Pay but the charges were exorbitant. Finally I could accept PayPal but preferred being paid through skrill as I could withdraw straight to my bank account. My frustration with PayPal withdrawals led me on a voyage to the ultimate solution.

The rigidities of PayPal in African countries

Almost all PayPal users in African countries are not capable of withdrawing their funds. PayPal has strict monetary policies that developing countries can’t uphold. There is no any anti-money laundering legislation to mitigate PayPal from the risks of doing business. If only our leaders could focus on developing such legislation that would benefit potential Ugandan internet entrepreneurs. Enough of the boring insights. I know you are eager to know how you can actually withdraw money from PayPal in Uganda.


This is a Kenyan website which realized the need of freelancers to withdraw money from PayPal. With E-Pay, you can receive money straight to your mobile phone. I have used the system a couple of time since I am of Kenyan descent. They have an efficient customer care support which is always ready to assist you. I recently saw in their forum that they can also assist Ugandans who want to withdraw from PayPal. The advantage with using E-Pay is that you receive the money within the hour after withdrawals via mobile money. The demerit is there is a charge of 12% of the amount +$3

Payoneer MasterCard

payooner card




This is by far the most convenient way of withdrawing money from PayPal in Uganda. When I read about the Payoneer card, I just had to get one myself. I received my card last month and I only wished I had applied earlier. I had to re-order the card because of issues with the application process but that is a story for another day.

How does Payoneer work?

Payoneer is a Visa MasterCard that can be used in over 200 countries, Uganda included. The problem with PayPal withdrawals is taken care of since you can open a US virtual account courtesy of Payoneer. The MasterCard is linked to the US virtual account and you can withdraw locally from any MasterCard ATM

Benefits of using Payoneer MasterCard

Its cheap-There is no any other cheaper alternative when it comes to PayPal withdrawals compared to Payoneer MasterCard.They charge $3.15 per withdrawal which is very fair as some providers like E-Pay charge 12% of the amount.

It’s convenient – Once your card is loaded (which normally takes three working days), you can withdraw the cash in local ATMS that support visa and MasterCard. You can withdraw up to $1000 which no any other system can offer.

Competitive exchange rates– Payoneer offers the best rates when it comes to changing the $ to Ugx. The rates are always revised to keep up with the current situation in the monetary market.

 Getting your Payoneer card

You don’t have to worry any more about your funds being stuck with PayPal. It takes just a month to receive the card after you have ordered. The good news it is free. Even better, you get a $25 bonus when you sign up through my link. Sign up with Payoneer here.It is a win-win situation for both of us. Payoneer MasterCard offers an opportunity for Ugandans to get paid online with ease and convenience. Apply for your card today. Meanwhile, I can help you withdraw from PayPal as you await your card. Just contact me through omegavicky2007@gmail.com  and I would readily help you. Cheers!



  1. thanks for that info @Omega. I can finally get my paypal money thanks to your info. Iam currently making little money using PTC and am still reading your article for more info of how to make money online…

  2. Hello and thank you for the article. I am wondering how to set up to receive funds into my Paypal. The Bank does not allow this and my friends would like to send money and it would also be good for business. My email is kazibwejohnus@yahoo.com Thanks allot.

  3. My name is Caesar waganagwa, CEO ePay Kenya. I am happy to announce that our gateway services are now available to residents of Uganda who have subscribed to MTN mobile money services. You can now withdraw funds from PayPal, skrill and payoneer and get paid via MTN mobile money. You can also upload funds to your PayPal/Skrill account straight from your MTN money. For more information, you may visit us at http://epayuganda.com

  4. Thank you for sharing. Once I saw many questions about the possibility of Kenyans and Ugandans withdrawing their PayPal and I believe the Equity back service is a great one. Bravo!

  5. I’m having problems with the address so I can’t complete the approval process….do you have any advice for me?….thanx

  6. What can i do to get my money now while i wait for my payoneer card? The waiting time seems to be a little over 2 months

  7. We got a donation of $300 via Paypal & we are currently stuck because the information was sent via email.
    I may link up with you for assistance.

  8. I wd like 2 start making money on line but im not sure about how to pay the memberships fees thru paypal and where 2 pay from in uganda. Im confused please help

  9. Thanks for information but am from Payoneer website and I have checked on list of countries with which you can use the Payoneer card to withdrawl to your bank account, and Uganda is not listed.