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How you can make money in Uganda through blogging



Blogging is an alternative way of making money in Uganda on the internet. Blogging is personal and there is a degree of autonomy compared to websites. A blog can be anything imaginable. With the ease of setting up a blog, it is no surprise that they are more popular than their arch-rivals the websites.

When starting a blog, it is only in order to ask yourself what value you will be adding to the World Wide Web. If you are to make money in Uganda from a blog, you have to think of it as a business.

1. Selling your product

Having a blog is advantageous if you have your own product to sell. Let’s say you sell E-books. You can start your own blog targeting a particular audience (Ugandans in this case). You can write reviews of the E-books in store and what the readers can gain from purchasing them. With a blog, people can access your products 24 hours in a day and you don’t have to worry missing out on sales. The costs incurred in marketing are drastically cut since you already have a platform with a potential of attracting a bigger audience.

2. Affiliate marketing

Having a blog is essential if you are to make money in Uganda as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is all about selling. The more you sell the more the commissions. Having an affiliate marketing blog will enable you do reviews on the products you intend to sell. There are blogs set up purely for this purpose. When setting up your blog, have a global outreach in perspective. You can still make money in Uganda even if you are selling to the world. In fact that is where the big money is. I am not saying that you cannot be a successful internet marketer if you don’t have a blog. All I am saying is a blog can come in handy in making money in Uganda through affiliate marketing.

3. Paid advertising

This is entirely pegged on the traffic your blog receives. A blog that receives huge amounts of traffic is likely to attract advertisers. It may take quite some time before you realize any meaningful traffic. The secret is to be consistent in providing quality and valuable information and everything else will fall into place. Nothing makes a blogger happy that to see an increase in traffic in the blog and positive response from the viewers. If your blog is authoritative and has the traffic, it wouldn’t be long before you start receiving advertising requests from cooperate companies.

4. Google Adsense

This is a form of advertising where Google places texts or images on your website. You need to have volumes of traffic to fully benefit from Google Adsense. If a user clicks on the advertisements on your blog, you instantly get commissions. The PPC (pay per click) will vary depending on the keywords. When you are starting a blog, your primary concern should not be making money but rather providing real value to your readers. By providing value, you increase your readership which will ultimately translate into a genuine way of making money in Uganda.


    • I won’t tell you the time frame but all i can say is that it takes a lot of patience. To set up a website, you need;1. domain name which is $10 a year, 2, a web hosting account which is $8 per month. Alternatively, you could pay me some small amount for me to set a blog for you with free CMS(content management system) training.:)you can email me for further details. Thanks for stopping by.