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How To Make a Viral Video: A case of Sitya Loss by Eddy Kenzo


Eddy kenzo’s Sitya Loss is an example of just how stuff goes viral on the internet. The song has put him on international spotlight. One would ask how the video managed to go viral yet it is sung in Luganda. The answer is simple: The kids in the video nailed it on his behalf.

I have to admit the song is catchy but it all boils down to the kids in the video. They have inspired a whole new type of dance. Prominent dance choreographers have jumped into the bandwagon and are creating dance moves based on the video. Which begs the question, what makes a video go viral?

Telling a great Story

Sitya Loss is a story about finding joy in living. The video starts with slum children who are visibly distressed dancing to the tune. When the music starts playing, you can think they have dropped their problems if only for a moment.

Their choreography is simple breathtaking. It explains why the video has garnered 4.5 million views on YouTube compared to the official video which is at 2.2 million.

Try To be Genuine

The kids in Sitya Loss have had many believing that the whole dancing routine was random. Viral videos should be genuine or at least appear to be so. No one wants to see stage managed acts passing as real.

Get People talking

You can’t talk about Sitya loss without mentioning the kids in the video. They played a big role in the song going viral. The massive interest in the kids attracted the attention of Helen Degeneres who is set to interview them.

To conclude

Sitya loss is the first Ugandan video of its kind to reach a global audience in such a massive scale. It has all the ingredients that would make a viral video. More Ugandan musicians can emulate Sitya loss. It’s going to be hard to come up with something like Sitya loss but it is definitely not impossible.