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How to Money Online With Bubblews


Update:Bubblews Closed Down

It’s been a while since I posted. A lot has actually happened. I have cleared college and officially joined the rat race. I have also discovered new ways of making money online which I thought I should share with you.


This is a social networking website where you can make money by writing on any topic. The minimum you can write is 400 characters (200 words).

Getting Started

Make sure your profile is complete. It is recommended you have a profile picture of yourself. Link your face or blog URL. Bubble pays for every post, comment, like and view. You need to be active in the website in order to connect with other members. The minimum payout is $50 which was moved from $25.

For you to earn, you need to have a PayPal account. You can sign up for free at PayPal. Make sure that your PayPal address is the same with the one you used to register on Bubblews.

How to Succeed

I have not been an active on Bubblews but there is real money making potential. Experts recommend you post 3-7 articles in a day. You may feel overwhelmed at the initial stages but you get used to it as time goes.


You get paid when you comment on a post or when you like it. Make connections with other members of the community. The more the connects, the higher the chances of your posts being seen. Instead of wasting time on other social media, you can spend that on Bubblew.

Share button

There is a share button on the left, which can increase the reach of your post. Share it in the major social networks like Facebook, twitter, Google plus.

Final Word

Bubblews are very strict with their terms and polices. You should follow the rules to the latter so that your payments are not interfered with.

  • Make sure that your posts are at least 200 words long
  • Do not post inappropriate content like pornography
  • You cannot most more than 10 posts in a day
  • Plagiarized content will get you banned
  • Posts must be in English
  • Use royalty-free images

If you interact and post regularly, you should be able to make your first $50 in less than 30 days. Make sure you abide by the rules and you won’t have any problem. I forgot to mention that they give you $1 when you sign up. Why don’t you sign up with Bubblews and start making money. Click here to Sign up.