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Three things freelance writers don’t want to hear


Freelance writing is not everyone’s piece of cake. There are moments where you just feel like throwing your hands up in frustration. Such is the nature of freelance writing. I have been around long enough to know that there are certain words that literally kill the spirit of a freelance writer. It never occurs till it hits you. Freelance writing is about perseverance more than anything. You may have the talent but that alone is not enough to make you successful. Talent will never prepare you for how to handle an impossible client. Below are some of the words that may make you want to reconsider a career in freelance writing.

1. I will pay you later

After all the hard work and the client tell you he/she will pay you later. These are the moments you feel like ruffling someone up. There is little you can do in such a scenario since you are working in a virtual environment. There is a client who has been telling me the same up to today for work I did in February.


Although such situations are unavoidable in a freelance writer’s life, there are some measures you can put in place to save yourself. The first thing is never to accept working out of freelancing websites. Authoritative websites like Elance will always warn you about exchanging contacts and working outside their website. Working within the website will guarantee payments since the client has to escrow funds before beginning any project. If you have to work outside the freelance website, make sure that the client pays on you on a daily basis. This is the only way of building trust with the client.

2. Your work is not enough good

This can come as a shocker especially if you have been working for a while. If the client approved your proposal and has never raised any issue with your work, it would be unjustifiable that they start complaining in the middle of the project. This should not be confused with positive criticism. There are clients who would want to get rid of you with no apparent reason and would look for any excuse so as to let you go.


There is no any known solution if you are to find yourself in such a predicament. It is like life, you just don’t know what to expect. You cannot dictate the nature of the client and what he or she decides. The best you can do is to always leave a room for doubt. Don’t depend on one client as it can be disastrous. A good client will point out your mistakes and correct you where necessary and not sack you as a result.

3. You are fired


Not common among freelancers but I have become accustomed to the words. Finding the right client is hard. I have had to endure a lot in freelance writing and it comes a time where you say enough is enough. I have been fired two times ever since I started freelance writing.

The second time I was fired was in February this year just because I was demanding my due wages. Reason for my sacking? “My behavior was unbecoming”. There is nothing unbecoming when you are asking for the money you have diligently worked for.


You should not put all your eggs in one basket especially if you are a full time freelance writer. Lucky for me I don’t entirely depend on Freelance writing. Have a backup plan just in case you find yourself at the mercy of one of your clients. You should also ensure that you have agreed with the client on the contract details before you start working. It may not be legally binding but you will have something to refer to when there are disagreements. You should check out this article;Top five Freelance writing job websites so as not to be dependent on on client for your livelihood.

To conclude

Everything good in life has to be worked for. Freelance writing has a lot of unique challenges. What is important is how you overcome them. Challenges make us stronger. There is a lesson to be learned in each and every one of them. If freelance writing is your calling, you will overcome the challenges with ease.