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Top 10 Uganda online earners for 2013

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Making money in Uganda online is considered a preserve of the few. Going by the statistics, the statement may as well be true. One of the most common ways of earning money online is through Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is an advertising program where you can earn money through placing targeted ads on your website. In order to be successful, you need tons of traffic to your website. That is why the “big boys” will never miss it on their sites.

In this blog post, the focus will be on websites making money in Uganda online through Google Adsense.

Disclaimer: The incomes displayed in this article should not be seen as the exact figures. There may be a slight variation in incomes given the keyword usage and targeted traffic to the various websites. The approximations have included page impressions and the number of unique visitors each website receives. The websites mentioned are only the ones that are on the Adsense program.

1. New vision

Alexa Rank: Global 19214, Uganda: 14

Visits per day: 36,000

Adsense earning per day: $108 and $3240 a month

New vision tops the list among the websites that are making money in Uganda online through the Adsense program. This could be attributed to the fact that it is a Media house.

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2. Daily monitor

Alexa Rank: Global 18,069, Uganda: 13

Visits per day: 35,400

Adsense earning per day: $106 and $3180 a month

Daily monitor has a better Alexa ranking than New vision.  The traffic and earnings are almost similar. This can tell a lot on the Ugandan Media landscape.

3. Uganda picks

Alexa Rank: Global 41,993, Uganda: 17

Visits per day: 17,190

Adsense earning per day: $51 and $1530 a month.

This is another media website. Although rarely updated, it makes it in the top three websites making serious money in Uganda online.


4. Red pepper Uganda

Alexa Rank: Global: 46,996, Uganda: 25

Visits per day: 15,600

Adsense earning per day: $47 and $1412

Who doesn’t read rumors? Red pepper has a robust online presence and the results are evident in their Adsense Paycheck.

5. Ugandaforums

Alexa Rank: Global: 54,813, Uganda: 20

Visits per day: 13,660

Adsense earning per day: $40 and $1200 a month

This is a website that earns on auto pilot. Although it is not heavily monetized, there exists a potential of earning more than the figures mentioned.

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6. Observer Uganda

Alexa Rank: Global: 72,329, Uganda: 42

Visits per day: 11,333

Adsense earning per day: $34 and $1020 a month

This is yet another media website. Given the trend, it is not hard to decipher why media houses are in the forefront when it comes

to making money in Uganda online through Google Adsense.

7. guide2Uganda

Alexa Rank: Global 93,903, Uganda: 51

Visits per day: 8,300

Adsense earning per day: $25 and $750 a month

This is a guide website full of all the necessary information about Uganda. I highly doubt if it is Ugandan owned because there are several others in different countries under the “Guide 2” franchise.

8. Investigator Uganda

Alexa Rank: Global 152,983, Uganda: 27

Visits per day: 5580

Adsense earning per day: $17 and $510 a month

This is also another gossip/entertainment website.  If you want to make money in Uganda online, maybe a gossip website would be idealJ

9. EyetradeUganda

Alexa Rank: Global 161,818 Uganda: 73

Visits per day: 5306

Adsense earning per day: $16 and $480

This is a Ugandan car selling website. The earnings are pretty impressive for a website of its calibre in Uganda.

10. Moteza

Alexa Rank: Global 200,003 Uganda: 80

Visits per day: 4383

Adsense earning per day: $13 and $390 a month

This is a job portal that is also earning from Google Adsense. This is a result of the huge traffic to the website.

Blogging offers an alternative of making money online in Uganda. The above mentioned websites clearly show it’s possible.



  1. It seems like the secret lies in getting thousands of visitors to your website if you are to make money online through Goggle Ad Sense. Any tips on how I can get 36, 000 people to my website 😉 ?

  2. hi i have registered for this automated pays days however i practically have no idea how it works,can someone please reach me on my e-mail and help me understand it better.your urgent response will be highly appreciated.thank you.