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Top 5 Uganda online job portals


Jobs have become hard to come by these days and that is why Uganda online job portals are seen as heaven sent by many. Even with their popularity, it has become increasingly hard to separate the grain from the chaff.

They’re several job portals which make it hard to for job seekers to isolate the credible ones. In this post, all the dirty work has been done for you. You can be assured that the portals mentioned are credible and a haven for job seekers.

You might be in awe on the criteria used in ranking of these websites. In order to arrive at top 5 Uganda online job portals, the following factors have to be put into consideration;

  •      Number of jobs available websites
  •       Number of job categories
  •         Website ranking
  • User-friendliness of the portal


Alexa Traffic Rank: 199,389 Traffic Rank in UG: 79

Alexa ranking measures how a website is doing in terms of traffic relative to others on the World Wide Web. There are over 6 billion websites as of Feb 2013.

This is the first website that appears when you query “Uganda jobs” on Google. Its position one ranking is determined by a number of factors. The first facet is on the relevance. The website has over 800 job openings as of 8/7/13.

It has an intuitive user-interface and you can browse for jobs in your area of expertise with ease. There is also a search option which can be used to perform the same function. You can also post your resume for public viewing by potential employers.

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         Alexa Traffic Rank: 320,589 Traffic Rank in UG: 145

This is a well organized website with over 1300 jobs posted in 2013 alone. It is categorized in detail so that even a fresh graduate can easily find a job.

In it you will find; resume samples, NGO job opportunities, highest paying jobs and so much more. There will always be a new job posting on a daily basis. This is one website you should look out for when searching for Uganda online job portals.


       Alexa Traffic Rank: 360,165 Traffic Rank in UG: 182

This is another great Uganda online job portal with stunning aesthetics. It is a one-stop shop for Job seekers in Uganda. You will not only find work, but also career advice and all the relevant stuff that any job seeker would fancy.

The downside to the website is that there are no categories which make it harder for navigation.  You can’t also tell the number of jobs that are available.

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Alexa Traffic Rank: 412,161 Traffic Rank in UG: 325

I wouldn’t call it a great Uganda online job resource as such. It has several categories but there aren’t too many a number of jobs. Finance jobs are the most sought after followed by accounting.  If you are in either of the profession and in search of a job, this may just be the perfect website for you.


Alexa Traffic Rank: 93,110 Traffic Rank in UG: 47

It isn’t a Uganda online job portal per say. That said there are several jobs available on the website. It has the highest Alexa ranking of all the websites that I have so far mentioned.

You should often check the website for job openings in your field. You never know when your dream job will be posted.


In order to be successful in your job hunting endeavors, a fresh approach is needed. You shouldn’t rely on only one online portal.  Search for jobs in all the Uganda online job sites. Send as many resumes as possible. You should network with the right people as over half of the job openings are never advertised.