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Top five online profitable business ideas in Uganda


Online opportunities offer some of the best profitable business ideas in Uganda. Having an online presence is one thing and setting up a business is another. Over 6 million Ugandans are actively using the internet with a 7% penetration rate annually.

As a potential entrepreneur, you should not be left out when it comes to exploiting this profitable market. There are several profitable online business ideas you can start with little capital.

1. Dating website

There are so many dating websites on the World Wide Web but its unfortunate only a few are from Uganda. Let’s face it, there are so many single Ugandans looking for love in all the wrong places. If you can set up an authoritative Ugandan dating website catering for such people, you are in essence creating a business opportunity. There are several ways you can make money from such a website.

  •  Paid membership

This again will depend on the quality of services of your dating website. You can integrate mobile money payment system for those who aren’t able to pay using their credit cards. There should be free membership for the ladies whose numbers will determine the success of the website.

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2. Community website/Social network

I am not talking about the next Facebook or Twitter. This type of social network is supposed to target a particular group of people. A good example would be a university social network. It could one or more universities having their own social platform where they can interact and share ideas.

Such forums usually attract paid advertisement and you are guaranteed to make decent cash if you have a big community. You can contact me if you’re interested in setting up your own community social network.

3. Online directory

This is one of the untapped profitable business ideas in Uganda to be found online. I was looking for a local online directory which I could submit my website. I only came across one website and that is ugandaonline.net. I don’t see how it qualifies to be an online directory with all the clutter in the website. You can’t make head or tail and everything is scattered.

The business opportunity here lies in coming up with a more organized and professional Ugandan online directory. You can make money through Google Adsense and paid advertising. The amount of money you make will depend on the traffic. This shouldn’t be a problem because there is no any professional online directory in Uganda.

4. Review website

Businesses should be held accountable. A review website should be a way of holding businesses and service providers’ accountable while you make money in the process. I was recently at Mokka Terrace at garden city. The food was good and the broadband even better.

Writing reviews help people make informed decisions when selecting goods and services. Once you become an authority in this field, you will be making money through ad placement and paid reviews. How awesome is that? Your reviews should be tried and tested and also unbiased.

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5. Job portal

There are many job portal websites out there but only a few are of top notch quality. All they do is to copy paste job openings from the major job portals. Such is the cesspit of Ugandan job portals that it has become nearly impossible to get jobs through such channels. There are many profitable business ideas in Uganda and a credible online job portal is just one of them.

You should not only provide job openings but also advice on how to apply for them, polishing CVs and suchlike stuff. By doing so, you create an edge over your competitors. 60% of job openings are not advertised. This percentage should be your primary target.

There are several other online profitable business ideas in Uganda that I haven’t mentioned. The most important thing is to identify your passion and skill. The augmentation of the two should be oriented towards creating an online business opportunity.



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