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Where to find Uganda online jobs

Uganda online

A lot has been said about Uganda online jobs but not where to get them. Any newbie would find it hard to navigate the ever dynamic online jobs landscape. The complications are further compounded if you have been reading about online jobs from your spam folder.

Working online is not rocket science, neither is it easy. You have to diligently work for every buck. Setting high expectations usually leads to disappointments and that you should be wary of that when looking for Uganda online jobs.


Fiverr is an amazing website where you can get or sell any service for as low as $5. I have had a few successful stints on Fiverr. The site is basically for selling a service is usually referred to as a gig.

I am a sucker for philosophy. My passion for the subject has so far sold 3 gigs on fiverr. Find something you are good at and translate it to a valuable service that people would buy.

Practicability of Fiverr

Fiverr takes $1 for every gig sold. PayPal deducts $0.08 as you’re left with $3.92 for a gig.  Three gigs a day would translate to $11.76 and $352.8 (Ugx917, 280). This could be a part time job. With this revelation, should you complain that there aren’t any genuine Uganda online jobs?

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Writing jobs

Writing jobs are the most sought after when it comes to online jobs. They are legitimate and scam free. I have talked about writing jobs in my previous posts but this article looks at it from a different dimension.


The easiest place to get a writing job is at freelancer.com. The rates may be low for a beginner but there will always be opportunities for growth. It is the same place where I got my first freelance writing job. If you are looking for Uganda online jobs, I recommend you check it out.


This is another great freelance writing website. The rates start from $2.43 per 500 word articles and increase as your ratings go up. The beauty about Iwriter is you don’t have to write a job proposal to get work. You just grab work, start writing and wait for the approval to get paid.

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Programming and web design

Programming skills will always be in demand. Those searching for Uganda online jobs related to programming or web design should find it easy to get work.


It is one of the best freelance work websites in the world. If you’re a good programmer with an excellent portfolio, you could be earning a living online. Signing up with Elance is free of charge. Roll your sleeves up and take the initiative if you want to make money in Uganda online.

Final say

 Getting Uganda online jobs shouldn’t be a problem provided you know where to access them. You should be resilient and not give up after a fail attempt to secure a job online. I have failed so many times myself but you only get to read about my successes.